Manson Supreme Anchor

The Manson Supreme anchor was designed to be highest holding, fastest setting fixed shank anchor with the added bonus of a dual operation shank with twin slots enable use in all seabed types. Using the rock slit in rocky or coral seas floors means that if the anchor becomes fouled, the shackle can slide forward and simply lift forward, removing the need to use a trip line or change anchors.

It also uses a roll-bar to self right instead of a heavily leaded tip. This ensures the anchor always rolls itself to adopt the correct setting position and the sharpened spear-head assists the anchor to pierce the toughest seafloor ensuring greater penetration into the seabed.

This is the very first anchor internationally to receive Super High Holding Power by Lloyd's Register EMEA and it received a SHHP status. - Super High Holding Power. It is the first and only production boat anchor in the world to do so.

The Manson Supreme is also available in polished stainless steel.

All Supreme anchors are "guaranteed for life against breakage".

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